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Become an(IM)

Bhartiya Prodyogik Prashikshan Sansthan (BPPS) has long been known for its innovative approaches to generate opportunities for its members and new member friends.The recent being is the program for recognize award membership status of as per norm of activities model and locations of the members. BPPS feels pleasure to honor its members through various medallion status as per recommendation and selection procedure by Membership Status Grading Committee  (MSGC) of BPPS.

Institutional Membership

BPPS recognizes and awards Institutional Membership(IM) to those who have been running various activities with satisfactory and respective Growth Index Response (GIR) with generating awareness in their locality through required norms along with conducting extra curriular activities.

Institutional Membership (IM)  paves your way to have essential benefits and access to privileges by BPPS through its round the year performance and activities. BPPS honors those having (IM) to its annual National Award Ceremony in the presence of honorable guest and prominent dignitaries along with well known personalities of the country. The IM parameters include guidelines of BPPS.

Code of Ethics

Institutional Member participating under BPPS are required to adhere to the following code of ethics:

Should NOT exaggerate, to gain unfair advantage, the contentsof the course(s) for which accreditation has been granted.

Should NOT guarantee benefits to student that isactually false or not feasible.

Should NOT project insufficiently supported claims ofexcellence in connection with employment.

Should NOT distort statement of BPPS for own gain.

Should NOT make statement offensive to the public.This includes release of advertisements that are in bad taste.

Should NOT make statements of an ambiguous naturepresenting a false picture in any stage/ part of the scheme of accreditationincluding hardware/ software as also omissions and half-truth.

Should NOT involve in any other matter/ action repugnantto the spirit of ethical practices, including, behaviour to/ by thebeneficiaries,unauthorized use of copyrighted software, etc.


Liability Clause

The institutional member would be held responsible if the training centres have insufficient infrastructure as prescribed in the norms.

The involvement of the Institutional member in any fraudulent activities such as fake/ duplicate registration of beneficiaries,overstatement of financials, misleading information, etc., would lead to its blacklisting from working with any government programmes in the future.


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