Education / Online Assessment

Offline Assessment

The Delivery of the Project will be done in 3 Phases.

First Phase- In this Phase the mobilized eligible student would be registered and the student will get an enrollment number. A username password would be allotted to ZC so that enrollment of the trainee can be processed by them. Student get a confirmation message on the registered mobile number for they have enrolled.

Second Phase- In this phase the mobilized candidate will get assessed by assessment agency,approved by BPPS. Assessment can be offline/online as per instructions of governing body. The ZC would be responsible for the transparency of assessment procedures.

Third Phase-  After the successful completion of assessment the qualified candidate will get a diploma recognized by various government departments associated with BPPS .Candidate can verify their diploma online with the help of their enrollment number.

The Assessment part can be done in two mode:

Online Assessment Mode-

In this mode the student is given with an user id and Password to take an exam.

Offline Assessment Mode-

In this mode of Examination the student will take his/her test under the guidelines of Zonal Coordinator.